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A Journey Through Time


With time travel possible, where would you go? To the far future or the distant past? H.G. Wells was the pioneer for this, now popular, genre of literature. The idea that someone could travel so far into the future must have been seen as one of the strangest notions at the time of the book's publication.


What is the nature of time? Is it truly the 4th dimension as supposed in this novel? While time travel may never be truly possible (in a feasible fashion), that fact has never stopped the creative minds of writers to imagine the possibility of exploring our own past or seeing what lies ahead.


This novel was published in 1895. You may think the idea of time travel is relatively new, but quite the opposite. I'd like to think that humans have been dreaming about time travel for ages. There's always been that fascination with what is not known.

H.G. Wells

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

H.G. Wells has written numerous books in many different genres. I chose him for this site demo because his works and a lot of the associated images are now in the public domain. You need to imagine what you might see here with your own creations! Whether it be your own images, artwork, etc. The options are many and varied.

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The War of the Worlds

In a world....trite, I know. But, this book technically came out after The Time Machine. So, if you have a single book site, you can tease an upcoming one right here. Don't forget, there's also a multi-book version of this demo site. I'm more than happy to show you what that might look like too.